Forgiveness, Love and Power 07-08-09 March 2020, Athens, Greece, a seminar by Goran Karna

Forgiveness, Love and Power – A ThetaHealing Elective Seminar

A class by Goran Karna

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I have  two new classes which I hope will prove beneficial to all those who are interested in their spiritual growth as well as in removing obstacles in nearly all areas of life, including relationships with others and themselves, material abundance and wellbeing. These classes are a result of my 17 years' experience in working with clients and students. All new exercises, programs and beliefs are derived from those experiences. I've run more than 300 various Theta Healing seminars and did several thousand Readings and Healings during that time. While working with Theta, I witnessed numerous transformations of consciousness and healings in people who were working on their beliefs and completed the exercises now offered in these classes. More than 3000 students in Croatia and Serbia have benefited from this work It is my great desire to share my work with Theta Healing Practitioners worldwide. I am very grateful to Vianna and THInK for recognising the value of these seminars and approving them officially as the elective Theta Healing Classes. In "Forgiveness, Love and Power" seminar you will gain an insight and experience of how to forgive yourself and others, how to love yourself and others and how to reclaim your personal power. Forgiving yourself and others is the prerequisite for any serious spiritual work on yourself. Through the seminar "Free yourself from Addictions, Attachments and Vows", you will understand the nature of addictions and attachments and will learn how to overcome them, how to release others from them and in that way significantly accelerate their growth as well as your own. Both classes contribute to better financial situation, relationships with yourself and others , expanding consciousness and improve your practice as Theta Healer.

Seminar Cost: 300€


  • 07/03/2020 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • 08/03/2020 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • 09/03/2020 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Daily Schedule

10.00 – 11.30   1,30  hours Class
11.30 – 11.45   15 break minutes
11.45 – 13.15   1.30 hours class
13.15–  14.30   Break  1 hour and 15 minutes
14.30 – 17.00  2, 30 hours Class (perhaps with a small break between)

* On the first day doors open at 9.00 am, come at 9.00 am for registration, class starts sharply at 10.00 am.
The other days doors open at 9.30, come at least 15 minutes before class.

Theta Innerplace - Θήτα Χώρος
Gounari and Aristidou 27 (1st floor), Glyfada 16674, Athens, Attiki

1)Total seminar cost: 350 €
Trainer Fees: 300 €
Organizer cost: 50 €

The cost of the seminar is a total of 350 euros.
The € 300 is the instructor’s tuition and is paid either on the first day of the seminar at the venue or directly to Goran Karna at the paypal link below here:

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2) The cost of the organizer is 50 Euros and is paid as a deposit
at the account or the button below. Your registration will not be valid unless the deposit is paid in advance. The deposit will not be refundable if you cancel the seminar.

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Maria Telidou
Bank account: 00260107210100913071
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After your registration and payment a confirmation email will be sent to you within 2-3 working days. Please look at spam folder as well. If you do not receive confirmation within 3 working days contacts us.

3) Please register well in advance to ensure smooth flow of the seminar.
4) Goran will be talking in English and Maria will be translating in Greek
5) Maria Telidou is the host of this seminar and the translator, for all information and your requests please use our contacts.
6) If you need to share accommodation let us know to brink you in contact with others. On our website to give you some suggestions about accommodation regarding hotels. Click the “contacts us” on the menu to see the hotels. Click the “contacts us” on the menu to see the hotels. However there are many Airbnb in the area.
7)The venue has a lot of cafe-bakery-restaraunts-groceries-supermarkets just next to it.

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You will receive:

  • Manual
  • Certificate from THINK certifying you as "Forgiveness, Love and Power" ThetaHealer

Subjects to be covered:

Do you know where your true power comes from? Do you know that we are more powerful when we have more love? Where does love come from? How to attract it into your life? Do you know that forgiveness is the basic prerequisite for love? Do you know that it is most important to forgive those things that have shaken our lives the most, the “unforgivable” things that have happened to you in this life? Do you really know the reason why someone has mistreated, abused, neglected, provoked and abandoned you when you needed them most? When you find out the reason and become aware of how those people felt at that moment and why they did or did not do something, only then will you be able to truly understand and forgive yourself and them.

You probably think you have forgiven your mother and father, or partner, and when you muscle test, the answer is “yes”, but have you truly forgiven them from the depths of your heart and soul? When you picture yourself with your mother and father, meeting them right now for a lunch, do you feel joy to be near them or you feel upset or uncomfortable? Whom have you not forgiven yet? When we truly forgive, we feel a huge burden falling off us; we feel at ease when thinking of those people and our relationship with them. Have you forgiven yourself? When we forgive ourselves, it will be easier to forgive others, and vice versa. What is very interesting is that when we truly forgive, we liberate ourselves and our descendants from curses and spells, and we are free. We have more energy and better health. Our relationship and abundance improve also. After you forgive you are free from resentment, hate, regret you can manifest better and be a better healer. We become more happy and joyful and our connection with Creator is stronger.

What does it mean to be powerful? Does that mean we will be able to levitate, to change the form-shapeshift, to rule others or keep them in control? Or it may mean that we are able to live in our true nature of love and peace, to change ourselves, to release from our lives all that does not serve us, be responsible for our lives, realize ourselves, to act from the internal motivation of love and understanding for others? Also, to be powerful means to know who we are and what our purpose and meaning in this life are, and to focus our energy and intention in that direction.

This course is designed to help forgiveness, love and our personal power to enter our lives, to make us more tolerant and understanding towards others and ourself.

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