Frequently Asked Questions

Individual Sessions - What can a session offer το me?

A session will change your life forever. ThetaHealing technique allows one to quickly and simply locate deep obstacles, emotional patterns and limiting beliefs that are stored in the mind, body, subconscious, and soul. Then the person is reprogrammed to remodel, recreate his life and reality and learn more about the purpose of his life.

If you are concerned with any health issue, during the session we will see how negative beliefs have created illnesses in the body and we will replace them with positive ones. This can contribute dynamically to improving health.

If you are dealing with any other issue, you will discover the root causes of the problem, reprogram your mind with new, pure ideas, thoughts, inspiration, beliefs and feelings. You will learn how to create what you desire in coordination with your Highest Consciousness and guided by your true intuition. This will help to get rid of what t it does not serve you anymore.

ThetaHealing has healed, changed and transformed the lives of many thousands of people from around the world. If there is any area of ​​your life, health, personal, professional, financial or other that you are not happy 100%, the ThetaHealing technique can help you.

ThetaHealing Seminars and Sessions are only suggestions for improvement of life and well-being and do not replace the services of the official medical profession.

Does Maria Telidou do sessions?

Maria always gives sessions to old patients and occasionally to new ones. Maria is currently having sessions with new patients. Call 00306949762983 /whatsApp/Viber or email The sessions are done via skype, viber, whatsApp, messenger, zoom or by phone and not in  person because Maria Telidou is constantly traveling.

How many sessions do I need?

With ThetaHealing, a lot of work can be done in a short time. The number of sessions varies from person to person and depends on what everyone wants to achieve. Many times the patients can experience major changes with just one session, yet sometimes belief systems around the subject are complex and need to get deeper work divided into a few sessions to achieve what they want.

We do not book weekly or monthly series of sessions. We try and let the fact that everything is needed can be complete even in one session, because we believe in the infinite potential of the human consciousness. After the first session, we leave the client free to choose whether and when he or she needs a next session depending on how his / her life evolves. Thetahealing does not require long-term sessions. Within a few sessions or even one a specific subject that concerns you, it can be finally resolved.

How many sessions are needed will depend on how many negative belief programs around the subject exists and how quickly they change into positive empowerment programs.

What should I do to prepare for the session?

You not need anything special preparation except to think about what you concern about and you want to change in your life. It is also important to come to the meeting with the intention for positive changes, as well as be prepared for those positive change. Drink plenty of water.

How long does it last and how much does the session cost?

In particular, Maria Telidou has the following system:
Sessions last about an hour. The price is in the range of 50 to 70 euros. The price is independent of the duration of the session. Within this range you can offer that you want according to your financial capability.

How do I choose a Theta healer? What should I look in a Theta healer?

We recommend contacting some of the therapists. Each therapist is different. Your intuition will lead you to the right therapist who will help you overcome your current challenges. The more ThetaHealing seminars (see how many ThetaHealing seminars he has done in his CV), the more experience he has in facilitating deeper work on the beliefs of others issues, and the more healing he has done to himself, the more prepared will be for your session.

The therapist has to apply purely Thetahealing. If he wants to apply other techniques he must do it at a separate time or after, but never mix them at the same time.

Consultants who provide professional or voluntary sessions if they use the Certified ThetaHealer® logo are required to use only Thetahealing during a session without adding to the same session other different techniques or removing anything from the existing techniques as defined by Vianna Stibal. Of course, once the ThetaHealing session has ended, they can apply the other techniques they know in a separate session.

Always pay attention to the trademark Thetahealing®, which is a registered trademark and has the copyright. At the website, the THInK® Institute’s official website, you can make sure that a consultant or trainer is actually authorized.

Then see how many seminars she/he has done and when she/he did it. This (but not always) shows the level of seriousness and ability the healer has.

In ThetaHealing you are talking about the Creator. Who / what is this Creator?

The Creator is the energy that draws and binds everything together in Existence. It’s not an entity. It is the energy or consciousness of True Love. You can call this consciousness with whatever name you want, even just Love.

Should I change religion to exercise ThetaHealing Techniques?

No. ThetaHealing is a technique, not religion. You can practice it regardless of religion, culture or philosophy.

How many seminars do you have in Thetahealing?

The seminars that make up the entire training of Thetahealing are divided into categories:

1. Practitioner Seminars are the essentials, that is, it is the backbone of Thetahealing ® technique and they last some days. Each seminar has as a requirement a previous one. The Practitioner seminars also lead to the “Master” and “Certificate of Science” diplomas, while the Elective seminars are not.

2. Instructor Seminars are for you to formally train others in Thetahealing techniques or just deepen your skills in ThetaHealing.

3. Εlective Seminars are complementary seminars that specialize on a specific topic. They do not lead to the ‘Master’ and ‘Certificate of Science’ diplomas. They are recommended by Vaiana students and she has approved them. You do not become a trainer in them.

It is not mandatory to do all the seminars. Do as many as you wish.

How many and which ones of all the seminars of Thetahealing, Maria Telidou teaches?

Maria is teaching almost all ThetaHealing seminars in Greek but in English for the moment she is teaching a few. The class in English is with translation. For those who worry of the translation: Maria speaks in Greek and the translator translate after her, word by word, not the same time as she talks. So this ensures the quality of the class.
Maria speaks perfectly English since she lived in England 3 years and in India for 10 years, talking for so many years only English. Also Maria has co-translated Vianna’s books from English to Greek. So no quality of the seminar is lost for both Greek and English speaking people since Maria is an 10 years experienced teacher. There are even more benefits from the mixture of cultures and languages in the class. Furthermore all Vianna’s Instructor classes are always with translator and no quality is ever lost because of this.

See the seminars calendar for details.

Can I do the seminars if I do not want to be a professional Theta healer?

First of all, we would like to point out that seminars are not only for those who want to be healers or only for healing. The seminars are for everyone, it is mainly for self-awareness and self-development in all areas of life. Those who want can then use the techniques as healers to themselves or to others. No prerequisite is required to start the seminars.

What Seminars Do I Do? Is it obligatory to do them all?
ThetaHealing Technique has many seminars but it’s not mandatory to do them all. Everyone has to start a “Basic DNA Level” seminar that will give you the base of ThetaHealing, so you can apply healing sessions to yourself, your family and friends at a very good level.

When you decide, it is a good idea to make the next series of seminars, “Advanced DNA Level”, “Dig Deeper”, “Manifestation and Abundance,” were you will complete the techniques of ThetaHealing.

By doing these first seminars you will feel yourself when it is the right time to do the rest. If you want to continue, the next seminars are precious life tools for yourself, your family and your path to life. You will be open to a new world of possibilities and healing.

How often can I do seminars?

Even if you do seminars with some time away from each other or do them all at once is the same. Depent only of what you prefer. The quality is not lost eihter way. If you want to do several seminars together in a row and wonder if you can assimilate the matterial or if you can cope with it, we assure you that by doing the seminars all together at the same time is the best way because they are intertwined and you can see the overall picture immediately. Seminars do not require effort, since everything is giuded from the teacher.

The methodology is such that you can learn everything quickly, easily and automatically. The seminars are 100% practice of the ThetaHealing technique and philosophy. At the end of the seminar you will be sure you can apply it.

How often do the seminars take place?

The “Basic DNA Levels”, “Advanced DNA Levels”, “Dig Deeper” seminars are often held throughout the year. Almost every 2-3 months in Athens and once or twice in major cities in Greece and Cyprus. The remaining seminars are conducted more sparse, usually 1-2 times a year.

Are there seminars in other languages?

Yes, there are seminars for English speakers.

How can I become a professional Theta Healer?

Those who want to become Thetahealing professionals can typically start even from the first seminar. But Maria suggests you to start if you have done the first 3 seminars. After the first seminar, do a lot of sessions to acquaintances and friends, and continue doing so as you do the next 2 seminars. 
Generally speaking, as you evolve as a professional you should, within a reasonable time, do all of the Thetahealing practitioner seminars. I also recommend strongly to do the Intuitive Anatomy seminar if you want to be considered a good professional because then you will know how to work well with the diseases and the body. If you are a good professional, a lot of people will come to you. In this way you can do other seminars.

I'm already a psychotherapist or a doctor. What Seminars Do I Do?

If you are experienced professionals already, you can apply the Thetahealing techniques alongside with your existing practice whatever it is. However, you have to start from the Basic Seminar, like everyone else.

What is Re-Certification of Seminars?

You need re-certification every 5 years if you are a student. If you stay inactive without doing a seminar within 5 years of your last seminar, your seminars will no longer apply. This will mean that if you want to go further to ThetaHealing by doing other seminars you will not be able to. You have to do everything from scratch. For those who work professionally, your certification will not apply.

You can recertify in one of the following ways with any trainer:

  1. Making a repeat seminar, choosing whichever you want.
  2. Making a new seminar, choosing whichever you want.
  3. Making an Instructor Seminar, choosing whichever you want.

Of course, it is not mandatory to be recertified. Your training will just stay where it is now and it will stay for your own use. You can use it privately.

Thetahealing is a living teaching that is constantly evolving and re-certification serves to advance into the teaching and to be aware of new changes so that the updated Thetahealing is properly transmitted to you rather than you stay with the old one.

Contact me directly if it’s been more than 5 years since your last seminar.

Repeat seminars
– You can repeat seminars even if you have been doing the seminar with other instructors. The price of repeat seminars is reduced. For information, please contact us.
– Declare your participation in the “Seminar Registration Form” and write in the message “Repeat this Seminar”.
– Books are not included again. Bring your own books to the seminar if the seminar has its own book.
– You’ll get new textbooks.
How do I know that your seminars are the authentic seminars of Vianna Stibal?
Vianna Stibal is the founder of  ΤhetaHealing® and of ΤhetaHealing® seminars. Her registered institute is called THInK®  – ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® in Montana, USA.

The official seminars are having the following characteristics:

  1. Course duration is the same as stated by Vianna’s official web page.
  2. You are receiving books and manual authorized by THInK®
  3. You are receiving certification from THInK®
  4. The teacher for every course, each and every time, is asking for an approval by  THInK®
  5. The teacher is an approved and certified ThetaHealing® instructor®  by THInK®
  6. The teacher is keeping the name of the courses as is officially stated by THInK®, he is demonstrating the official logos of his teaching certifications and all other logos of  THInK® and he is stating that he is teaching Vianna Stibal’s ΤhetaHealing® without changing the teaching or the name of the courses in any way.
  7. There are healers that use the name ΤhetaHealing® and they are not certified by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® ,THInK®, USA. Another case could be that they are certified but they teach their own version, combining ThetaHealing with their own methods or it could be that they change the name ThetaHealing® with another similar. Their seminars are not in the prime form as designed by Vianna Stibal.
The student have the right to know who is founder of the teaching so they can source the teaching back to its origin and the teaching should be kept original as the founder wanted  it to be.
  8. The ThetaHealing Practitioners or ThetaHealing teachers are ought to offer private sessions (professionally or voluntarily) or deliver seminars, only after carrying the logo Certified Thetahealer® or ThetaHealing Instructor and they are compelled during a session or a seminar to use Thetahealing techniques without adding other techniques or take out parts from ThetaHealing techniques. Always be careful to ask for the logo ΤhetaHealing®, which is copyright protected. On  which is the official webpage of THInK® you can confirm is a healer or a teacher is authorizes by THInK®.


What is Master Diploma?

The Diploma “Master” of Thetahealing

As a private faculty, THINK has the right to award its own diplomas, which have the meaning given to THINK and not to other university faculties.

The Master Certification of Thetahealing is awarded to all those who have completed a specific number of seminars within 4 years. “Master” is a recognition of the time and effort the student has made to reach this level.

You will receive a plaque as a certificate with the following:
“You are recognized as one of the graduating classes from the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® (THInK) and acknowledged as a ThetaHealing® Master. You have accepted the challenge to soar above the world and overcome the barriers to success. You are recognized as a leader for your efforts. Truly, you are an inspiration.”

You can view all the Master Certification Seminars by clicking here.

What is a Certificate of Science Diploma?

Diploma “Certificate of Science” of Τhetahealing

As a private faculty, THINK has the right to award its own diplomas, which have the meaning given to THINK and not to other university faculties.

You will receive a plaque as a certificate with the following:
“This prestigious award is bestowed upon graduating the DNA2 and DNA3 Certified Instructors in acknowledgement of this high achievement in ThetaHealing®. May you use this knowledge in the highest and best way to manifest your dreams and find your greatest purpose with dignity and joy. With Love and Gratitude Vianna Stibal, Creator of ThetaHealing® and THInK.”

To qualify for the Certificate of Science of Τhetahealing Technique you have to complete these seminars within 4 years.

You can view all the Certification of Science Seminars by clicking here.

How can I become a Trainer ThetaHealing®?

See the Trainers Seminar table above on FAQs.

We encourage you to become ThetaHealing trainers. It’s the best way to learn ThetaHealing yourself and the best way to spread this knowledge to the world. The procedure is as follows: Since you have done the first three seminars, you can start to become an instructor in these three. Every time you complete the next seminar as a practitioner you have the right to attend the same seminar as an instructor and then teach it. You can do any seminar you want, you do not have to do them all, as long as you have done the necessary previous seminars.

You can also personally write to THINK® to show interest in receiving scholarships. Are you missing some seminars as students necessary to attend Trainers’ Seminars? SEE THE SEMINAR CALENDAR of Maria Telidou

Obligations of instructors

Certification of instructors is valid for 4 years. To continue to teach after 4 years, you need to re-certify. You do not have to repeat each seminar, you usually need to do a specific number of seminars. But because this sometimes changes, get better informed directly from the THINK®.

When you recertify you can participate in the seminar either as a participant or as an assistant. To apply for an Assistant at Vianna Seminars here

* In order to become an instructor of the Rainbow Children, you do not need to have the “Children of the Rainbow” class for practitioners. You can become an instructor of this seminar if you have attended the “Basic DNA Level” and “Advanced DNA Levels” seminars.

I want to attend a ThetaHealing Technique Seminar, but I do not have any money right now. Is it possible to get a scholarship?

We have a certain amount of scholarships that we give to students that we think they really need it. If you want to receive a scholarship (which you do not combine with the Early Registration Scholarship) send us an email with your details and the reasons you apply for a scholarship.

Scholarships are given taking into account the number of participants to make the total profit and from this a 10-15% goes to scholarships. And scholarships are given also taking into account the number of people that have asked to share this Scholarship amount. For this reason, please apply for a scholarship only when there is a very serious reason. Scholarships are not a discount on the price. It is the offer of the instructor and all the participants to someone in need. We will respond to you if the scholarship is feasible or not for you for this seminar about 10 days before it starts when we see the flow of participation. Thank you for your understanding.

The cost of the seminars?

From March 1, 2016, the official prices are set for all Greek ThetaHealing® Instructors by the THINK Institude. The prices are evaluated based on the amount of information you receive at the seminar and not on the number of days of the seminar. The cost is indicated in each seminar separately. See the cost in the list of seminars in the “Seminars” menu.

Should I participate fully in the seminars?

Make sure you plan your time so that you can attend each seminar fully without losing days, hours, coming late or leaving early. If you miss one hour (even if you are not responsible), the seminar will be canceled for you and you will be refunded the remainder of the amount except for the relevant € 30 costs for each day you attended before the cancellation. The expenses correspond to one-day teaching, notes, books, nutrition, etc. Each seminar is very practical and continuously exercises are delivered, that if you miss them, you will not be able to flow and participate in the lesson. Thank you for your understanding of this.

Some practical guidelines for seminars
  1. IT IS A NECESSITY TO CARRY OUT THE SEMINAR FULLY, because is a seminar with a lot of practice. Therefore it is not allowed to miss a day, half a day, or even half an hour, or to arrive later or to leave sooner.  If you miss an hour, even for reasons our of your control the seminar will be still cancelled for you and you will be refunded the amount minus expenses. You will be able to follow the seminar the next time. The seminar is all about experience and there are constant exercises, which if you miss it, it will be difficult to follow the flow and participate in the group. We thank you for understanding the importance of this matter.
  2. On the first day of each seminar please arrive one 30 minutes earlier in order for the subscriptions and payments to be completed. The following days, please arrive 15 minutes before the entry. For ex: if you arrive  5-10 min later, we will have to stop the seminar and the meditation in order to open the doors and this is very disturbing. The seminar begins always on time.
  3. Bring along notebooks to take notes. Bring with you a pair of slippers. Your outdoor shoes are not allowed in the hall.
  4. Smoking is prohibited in every part of the building. You are only allowed to smoke outside the building, and away from the entrance. Please do not drop your cigarette butts on the pavement.
  5. Lunch is not offered, however we offer healthy snacks: honey, tahini, whole wheat bread, fruits, salads, tea and coffee. You may bring for lunch your own food if you wish.
  6. If you have a medical issue and take medicine please feel free to inform us so we can make you as comfortable as possible.
  7. There are chairs for everyone, if on the other hand you need special pillows to be more comfortable, please feel free to bring them along. There is enough space if someone wants to sit on the floor. You may also lay down during the breaks on the mattresses that are available.
  8. Please do not use any form of cologne or perfumes. They might cause allergic reactions to the rest of the attendees. You may however use natural essential oils.
  9. Personal hygiene: Because the seminar consists mostly of working in pairs and holding hands, please maintain in detail your personal hygiene for mouth, feet and socks and always wash your hands especially if you have been smoking previously. You may also wear comfortable clothes since you will be sitting for so long.
  10. If you sing or play a musical instrument it would be nice at the end of each day if you could sing or play your instrument. Feel free to bring it along. Music brings us together and is a major part of Theta Healing.



Any healing method or technique described in this website is not a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic diagnosis or treatment, or any other treatment prescribed by a medically trained doctor. Alternative therapies and meditation are excellent supplemental tools that help us achieve emotional, mental and physical balance and well-being. Alternative therapies, (also called complimentary therapies), can be practiced alongside any conventional medical treatment received, since they help by providing us with a holistic approach to emotional and psychosomatic harmony and well-being. The words ”healer” as well as ”therapy / healing” are used with that in mind and are used with the broad sense and meaning of the word, and they are not used in the same context as they are used in conventional medical, psychology or medicine sciences.

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