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Goran Karna – ThetaHealing® Master & Certificate of Science

Goran Karna is a Representative and Administrator of ThetaHealing® (ThetaHealing® United World Wide) of Croatia and Serbia. He is qualified at the highest level in Theta Healing® Teacher Training, with a Certificate In The Science of Theta Healing®.

Goran has a Bachelor Degree in Philosophy and History of Art from the University of Zadar, Croatia. He also has a Diploma in Natural Therapies in Homoeopathy from Health Schools Australia. Goran studied Vibrational Healing in India and also has a Diploma in Yumeiho, Traditional Chinese and Japanese Massage, from Masayuki Saionji’s International Institute for Practice of Preventive Medicine.

From the age of 16 Goran has been searching for Truth, seeking purpose and meaning in life. This quest prompted him to study Eastern and Western mystics, philosophy, art, different healing modalities and to undertake pilgrimages to holy places.

In 2002. Goran met Vianna in Cairns, Australia. He had a life crisis at that time and Vianna helped him to find balance in his mind and body. Goran became a ThetaHealing™ instructor in 2003 and so far has held more than 300 seminars and workshops. In his Theta practice he has witnessed healings of cancer, viral and bacterial diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, broken bones, addictions, diabetes, high blood pressure and many more (for examples of healings please enter Testimonials about Healings). Goran observed people becoming happier, healthier, more content and successful after changing their core beliefs. He realised that miracles do happen and they happen very often in Theta world.

He believes that the Power of Theta Healing® comes from the Source, or God Himself. The techniques given to access that Power are simple, easy to learn and accessible to all regardless of age, gender, religion or educational background. Goran is honoured to bring this sacred teaching to his students and clients.

Short story about me 

I’d like to say something worthwhile about myself, maybe I’ll manage to do it, maybe not. It’s always been easier to say something positive about others. From early youth I’ve been interested in Truth as a purpose, an essence, a core, a Being of existence. I’ve spent a large part of my life seeking, exploring Truth through teachings of various world religions, spiritual movements as well as through practicing meditation, Namasmarana (repetition of God’s name) and service to others. 

When I was about 33, my spiritual teacher Sri Sathya Sai Baba told me in an interview at his ashram in India, to go to Australia and that He would find me a very good job. 
At the age of 36 I met Vianna Stibal and was introduced to Theta Healing. When she told me that she had received Sai Baba’s telegram congratulating her on her first DNA activation, it all became clear to me. I knew that this was the spiritual technique I was looking for where I could help myself and others a great deal.

When I started this work 14 years ago there was only the Basic DNA Class at that time. The Advanced Class was created by Vianna the following year. For me it was a rare opportunity and honour that Vianna has lead me through all her classes up to the present moment. I am grateful for all the help I have received and been able to pass on to others.
About 10 years ago I introduced this technique into Croatia and Serbia, where soon the Theta Healing technique became common knowledge and where people are happy and grateful for the teachings.
What else can I say except that I deeply believe in Theta Healing and its benefits for the world. I hope I can give my humble contribution in spreading and developing this technique as well as an expansion of consciousness in humanity.Goran Karna

Goran Karna

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