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3rd Celebration for Love and Joy 2019

Tuesday 19 February 2019

What we celebrated:
- 8 years since the first seminar in 2011- the 760 so far students who started at the 2011 Basic Seminar
- 160 seminars to date
- the over 1000 clients and thousands of friends and acquaintances who loved us
- the New Year 2019 with pie-cake ... vegan
- Angelos, our boy.

Through donations and vouchers, we have achieved our goal of purchasing a hand-operated stroller and a motorized stand up-stroller for Angelos of a total value of 5,500 €.

The story of Angelos: I met the Angelos in March 2018, he is now 15 years old, when his mother asked me to have a session for his treatment. Because Angelos was very open, we saw a "miracle" when his femur bone that was dismembered since his birth by 30%, was itself put back into place and now has only 5% deviation. This was proved from his X-rays before and after. Angelos is a quadriplegic by birth and this "miracle" was a great improvement for his everyday life. I would like to thank all of you who participated in making this dream for Angel and his Mother a reality.

2nd Celebration for Love and Joy 2016

Friday February 19, 2016

I am grateful to all those who came to my birthday, were, they were celebrated simultaneously with the New Years celebration pie and the celebration of the 5 years of ThetaHealing in Greece. I also thank everyone who sent their love from afar. It was so moving to see some people I did not know to open up and offer to me their hearts so sweet. Thanks so much to our musicians that created a wonderful, friendly atmosphere and stayed until 2 pm giving the opportunity to all of us to sing, dance and express our joy.

Inauguration of “Theta InnerPlace” School, 2015

Friday October 9, 2015

Thetahealing has acquired a new home in Greece!

The new space "Theta InnerPlace" is a place where the ThetaHealing seminars are housed and through which, the spirit, philosophy and practice of this teaching is based.

It was a dream that was realized quickly and easily with the grace of Divine Synchronicity which brought in the right people at the right moment.This space is for me the proof that everything is possible when we hear our true Self.

I dedicate this space to humanity and to all Creation.

Presentation of the book “ThetaΗealing® Η Πρωτοποριακή Ενεργειακή Μέθοδος Θεραπείας»

City Hall of Peristeri, January 2014.

The book was presented through a theatrical performance. At a recent seminar, a student, Eleni Nanopoulou, brought me her collection of amazing poems. She told me that when she made her own presentation she used artists who presented her poems through theater and music. So we did the same. Eleni thought her good friend Nikos Touliatos, a well-known musician who helped launch the Olympic Games in Athens and has created hundreds of other national and international events with the magic of his percussion. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Nikos Touliatos and the great effort of his theatrical team.

1st Celebration for Love and Joy 2013

Saturday 17 February 2013

I thank all those who came to the "1st Celebration for Love and Joy".

About 100 people came. 370 lotteries were purchased. The money were shared between the 'Amma' and 'Αείφαρον' groups. On the occasion of my birthday (19/02/1971) I would like to pay respects and honor to those people who gave meaning in my life, they built my character and brought the warmth of love not only to my own life but also to the life of humanity.

I would like to honor:
- Namkhai Norbu, Tibetan spiritual teacher, founder “Dzogchen” community 

- Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, Hindu spiritual teacher, founder of “Siddha Yoga” community

- Amma, Mata Amritanandamayi, Hindu spiritual teacher, founder of “Embracing the Word” community

- Vianna Stibal, American spiritual teacher, founder of ThetaHealing® technique 

- Michael, Greek spiritual teacher, founder of “Αείφαρον” community

- Marshall Rosenberg, American phycologist, founder of “Non-Violent Communication”

…and I would like also to honor my family, my friends, acquaintances, and all those people who have shared with me their love for Life.

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