Non-Violent Communication

Maria has been trained in MBE since 2011, and since 2016 she has begun the three-year process of official certification by the CENTER FOR NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION, CNVC, by Marshall Rozenberg to become a trainer. For two years 2016-2018 Maria actively offered MBE seminars and public presentations throughout Greece.

Non-Violent Communication is the best communication system I personally know so far and can be used by everyone and easily implemented in everyday life. It can bring in our hearts the coveted tranquility, true communication, sharing and the true love we all seek in our relationships.

The way we use speech, written or spoken from ancient times to the present day, leads us to fight, to get angry, to find ourselves, to be misunderstood and to be disheartened.

The reason you use to impose and control others, is expressed in ugliness, without melody and harmony and instead of joining people instead of separating it.

I believe and have personally experienced that with Nonviolence Communication following the 4 steps proposed, speakers come together in a deep level because their focus is on bringing to the surface their feelings and human needs instead of judgments and assessments speakers for a situation. Participants open their heart, expressing their true self by eliminating internal or external conflicts.

Maria Telidou

What is Non Violent Communication?

Nonviolence Communication, a translation from the original NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION, NVC, or also known as “The Heart Language” or “Symbenetic Communication”, was developed by psychologist Marshall Rosenberg, PhD and many other trainers and consultants dedicated to it.

The official organization established by Marshall Rosenberg is called “The Center for Non-Violent Communication”     THE CENTER FOR NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION, CNVC

Non-Violent Communication is a communication process so you can live in harmony with others in all areas of your life. It is a communication art that leads to better understanding and effective conflict resolution at all levels of relationships:
– personal life,
– family life,
– professional life,
– links between affiliates,
– relationships with your fellow humans,
– relationships between groups,
– relationships between people who have different cultures, religions, habits,
– relations between nations
– and finally the relationship with ourselves..
You will learn to communicate with four simple and essential steps in which you will experience an end to misunderstandings, hallucinations, quarrels, alienation, extinction, and conflicts with others or with ourselves. You will learn to understand yourself and your needs and at the same time the needs of your loved ones or others.

Introduction to Non-Violent Communication

In these videos, the founder of Non-violent Communication, Marshall Rosenberg, explains the MBE process. Enable Greek subtitles by following the instructions given below the video.

Introduction to Non-Violent Communication – Part 1
Introduction to Non-Violent Communication – Part 2
Introduction to Non-Violent Communication – Part 3
Introduction to Non-Violent Communication – Part 4

Click here to visit my you tube channel. Visit the “Non-Violent Communication” Playlist,  where you will find videos from the public presentations of Maria Telidou.

The book: Non-Violent Communication

The book: Non-Violent Communication, Greek Trasnlation, Publisher Kondyli

Seminars on Non-Violent Communication

Seminars of other trainers in Greece:
Seminars of other trainers worldwide:

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