Public Presentations

Dear friends, we invite you to the public presentations and speeches of ThetaHealing® (Method Theta) with Maria Telidou. The entrance is free.

Watch videos of previous presentations as well as other shows, reports, on our channel by clicking here.

Sorry! There are no public presentations scheduled!
Maria Telidou presents the ThetaHealing technique in lectures. You will learn:
  • You will learn everything about ThetaHealing and understand how it works.
  • You will experience how to bring yourself to the conscious state of the Theta brain waves, what you can achieve when you are in this state and how it will help you in self-awareness, self-healing, health and abundance at a physical or psychological level in all areas your daily life.
  • You will learn the scientific background of energy therapies through quantum physics, the role of intuition in healing and how to cultivate your intuitive skills.
  • You will understand the simplicity of healing and the power of thought as Highest Consciousness.
  • We will explore negative beliefs, feelings and thoughts, their origins, how they lead us to illness, and how we can heal them.
  • You will learn how to change your life with the power of your consciousness and we will do some simple experiential exercises.

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