Advanced DNA

The Advanced DNA expands your knowledge you acquired in the BASIC DNA course to encompass an in–depth understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence that surround us. The quality of this seminar is that the student will receive specific downloads of Feelings and Meanings of the Creator of All that is / the Universal Creative Force, which will bring deep healing and spiritual progress. In this seminar, you take your journey to the next level of healing, well being and spiritual awakening and you will work a lot on your self. This seminar is a joyful experience as the student is enriched with new, positive feelings for increasing their confidence, self – acceptance and living in the present.

Available dates:
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Seminar Cost: 300€

Basic DNA

You will receive:

  • Practitioner Manual
  • Advanced Theta Healing® Harnessing the Power of All That Is book, Vianna Stibal’s book
  • Certification from THInK® institute that certifies you as a Advanced ThetaHealer®. You may use this certification professionally, if you wish.

Subjects to be covered:

  • Connecting with the 7th Plane of Existence
  • A more advanced method for Feeling Work
  • How to go deeper into releasing beliefs and resentment
  • Hundreds of life enhancing downloads
  • How to live without negative feelings
  • How to resolve rejection, resentment, regret, disgust, sorrow and guilt.
  • More profound techniques to resolve grounded beliefs and feelings, releasing fear and negativity.
  • An in depth exploration of the 7 Planes of Existence
  • How to release negative vows, oaths and commitments from various planes of existence
  • Connecting to different planes through the 7th plane
  • Connecting through the 7th Plane with Plants and Animals
  • Releasing Free Floating Memories (Memories stored whilst in a state of shock, trauma, childhood or anesthesia)
  • Healing exercises of babies in the womb, when you or your children were in the womb
  • Healing the Broken Soul or Broken Heart
  • Communicating with your ancestors
  • Speaking with your Higher Self
  • Master and bend time
  • The “Heart song” – using sound healing

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