Soul Mates

One of the keys for someone to live a magnificent life is to experience and have true love in their lives. In our hearts, there is a deep desire to unite with someone that we feel fulfilled us and therefore share a life together. The ThetaHealing® Soul Mate seminar is specifically designed to help you find and identify the most compatible life partner for you, a soul mate, as well as release all negative subconscious programs, which might prevent you from identifying true love in your life. It includes a full program of meditations, materialization, belief work, changing beliefs and how to keep the spark of love. This seminar is for all ages. It is ideal for teenagers and young adults to lay healthy foundations for their personal lives. It is also ideal for senior people, that are either alone, or in a relationship and they want to experience love, enthusiasm, and rejuvenation in their life. We hope that in this seminar there is participation from all ages, as well as equal participation of men and women and contribution from different cultures in order to experience various aspects from the entire spectrum of the human dimension. This way we can get an overall picture of ourselves as part of the whole, to gain experience, to understand others and to have compassion. This seminar is not only for those that want to improve their personal relationships. ­This seminar is ideal even for those that do not want an intimate relationship at this point in their life but just want to comprehend the whole idea. This seminar is necessary for those that are Theta Healing Practitioner or healers of various modalities. They will have more tools for a more effective therapy. If you are a Theta Healing Practitioner and working either professionally or volunteering to help out friends and family, this seminar’s knowledge is priceless. You will be able to guide your clients to an immediate understanding of belief work that prevents this area in their lives

Available dates:
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Seminar Cost: 220€

Basic DNA,
Advanced DNA

You will receive:

  • Practitioner Manual
  • Advanced Theta Healing® Harnessing the Power of All That Is book, Vianna Stibal’s book
  • Certification from THInK® institute that certifies you as a Soul Mate ThetaHealer®. You may use this certification professionally, if you wish.

Subjects to be covered:

  • How to experience an intimate love relationship in your life
  • How to rekindle an existing relationship
  • How to find the fundamental beliefs that prevent you from being with a compatible companion
  • How to preserve your relationship and how to create and renew the energy flow in your relationship
  • You feel you are always the victim in a relationship and how to change it
  • You feel that it is an unattainable dream for you to experience a true relationship
  • You want to end a relationship but feel that you cannot
  • You want to experience a relationship without compromising yourself as well as your freedom
  • You have a family and you want to acquire balance between being a parent and being a lover
  • You are separated with your companion and looking for solutions
  • Your companion has passed away and are in mourning or feel guilty to move on
  • You want to comprehend the essence of intimate energy in a relationship
  • Spiritual sexual intimacy
  • Spiritual pregnancy
  • Death of a loved one

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