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Theta Healing: An Extraordinary Energy Healing Modality

This the first book Vianna Stibal has written and is the book you need to start from, in order to study ThetaHealing. It describes the basic philosophy and Thetahealing techniques as well as the history of Thetahealing.

Maria Telidou has co- translated and edited the Greek translation of this book.

You can get the book by ETΡΑ publications.

I am sure that reading this book will be an experience that will uplift you and encourage you to become creator of your own life. Your soul will feel free and content. These were my feelings as I was working on the book. As a ThetaTeacher I thought I knew this book well. While I was editing the Greek version, I found out, that this is not only just a good book, but a living teaching renewing itself constantly. A teaching that continually takes us in a journey into the most vast oceans and depths of our souls.

Maria Telidou

Click here to see the first amazing public presentation of the book on video. A presentation made with actors and the famous international musician Nikos Touliatos.

ThetaHealing®: Advanced Level

The first Greek edition of the book, “ThetaHealing® – Advanced Level”, translated by Greek publishing house ETRA and translated by Maria Thomas and co-translation by Maria Telidou.

You can get the book by ETΡΑ publications.

The second Vianna Stibal’s book was a surprise for me. I was already using it in my Advanced DNA ThetaHealing seminars, since, is the material for these seminars. But while I was co- translating it and editing it for the Greek publication, I was so happy to see my heart’s fluttering as I was understanding now in a more refined way the meanings I thought I already knew. These meanings were echoing in my whole being and were completing my existence. This book is harmonious continuation of the first book and completes the philosophy and all the techniques that are used in ThetaHealing. I am sure it will surprise you as well.

Maria Telidou

ThetaHealing®: Rhythm to a Perfect Weight

ThetaHealing®: Planes of Existence

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