You and the Earth

The Earth is always trying to reach us, but do we really hear? This seminar will allow you to make more positive changes in your life by learning how to work with the Earth. You will get to know the Earth better and learn how to communicate with her and understand how she communicates with you. This seminar will also bring you to the realisation that there is an energy moving around you. This seminar will help you to work with the earth to bring about the changes you really need to make in your life right now. Often people who are involved in their spiritual development make the mistake of considering their body or the Earth as "Material" and this prevents them from experiencing the spirituality of the Earth. So they may have survival problems and various drama in their lives. In this seminar you will learn how to unite with the living organism called Earth to awaken and grow in your life.

Available dates:
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Seminar Cost: 300€

Basic DNA,
Advanced DNA,
Dig Deeper

You will receive:

  • Practitioner Manual
  • Certification from THInK® institute that certifies you as a You and the Earth ThetaHealer®.

Subjects to be covered:

  • Learn the effect of electromagnetic radiation from lightning.
  • You will learn about Schumann frequency and how it helps us in healing and well-being
  • Learn how to cure weather-related thoughts
  • Understand the impact of your own and humanity's negative thoughts on weather and global phenomena
  • You will learn to meditate with your heartbeat
  • You will learn how to instill the Earth with positive downloads
  • You will understand the bottom negative beliefs that prevent you from being "grounded" on Earth and finding a meaning in life on this planet
  • Learn how to measure and extend your aura to heal people and areas of the planet who are at risk
  • You will learn how to let the Earth heal you in a natural way

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